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B.Ed College
B.Ed College
Science Lab:

The Institute has three laboratories ( physics , chemistry, biology labs ) to various topics that help in the development of scientific attitude in teachers , pupil behavior. These are fully equipped with all the practical materials and tools. Science students will not only practical work, but also issued for demonstration to the practical work in the classroom materials during training doctrine of damage

Computer Lab:

Our college is having up-to-date computer facilities. The college has installed 21 computers in the computer laboratory having LAN/WAN facilities. The campus of the institution is Wi-Fi. The computer laboratory is having one server core i3, and all the 10 computers that are dual core configuration with 15 monitor and linked with the internet connection. Our Lab also have new advanced type of networking with cat 6 cable running 10 thin clients.

Psychology Lab

We have a Psychology lab in our college. It is equipped with various psychological tests for example- Personality test, intelligence test, creativity test, aptitude test Interest test etc. It is beneficial for pupil-teacher to understand the psychology of school children.

Educational Technology lab:-

In Educational Technology lab audio visual aids for ex. OHP, Slide projector, TV, Tapricoder, radio, Charts, Models etc. are kept the pupil teachers came to know about the latest technical innovations & their uses which are very beneficial in their teaching. These audio visual aids make their teaching effective.

Language lab:

The school has a versatile language lab. It is equipped with Graphs , Models, tape recorder, Unequaphone , CDs, DVDs empowerment proncentation vocabulary , grammar . compsition

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B.Ed College
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