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B.Ed College
B.Ed College


DR. Saroj Singh Principal: Dr Saroj Singh

Education should concerm itself with the total person in society.

Welcome to Khoj TT College, Vidhani , Jaipur the college a great opportunity to have a B.Ed degree here in Vidhani has acquired Jaipur . I am the proud principal of this wonderful college , a supportive and collegial community that focuses on education , personal, social and cultural development of its members feed.

We live in a rapidly changing world , a changing society , in advance of a galloping speed , power of science, research , technological development , globalization in our daily life is vibrant and inevitable. If such changes in course content , methodology and techniques of teaching is inevitable if we want to keep up with the changing tastes of life. Let us focus on one area of teacher training .

Thank you for visiting our website and I am sure that you share many of the proud Khoj TT College, Vidhani , Jaipur will see. Thank you.

DR. Saroj Singh Secretary: Shri Radhey Shyam Sharma

I Welcome All B.ed Students to Khoj TT College

My message is particularly to bridge the gap between the students and the administration. Khoj TT College, is a Unique College that has a specific Teacher Education programme, friendly curriculum and one of it's kind Net-work to nurture Talented youngsters. India Our Country is ancient and wise. If is young and on it's way to becoming a super power, the Time is ripe for the creation and empowerment of committed individuals who will command respect at all times. The command is based on skills, attidude, behavior and knowledge of issues.

I want my students to be driven by unshakable character. The institution will not only create ambitious professionals but also just, generous and kind human beings. My aim is to create excellent human beings dedicated to the service of society and country. We have committed to reach all out efforts to everyone and turning human liability in to human asset. We have developed excellenet Links with the Education Community, giving Learners the opportunity to study in a vibrant and challenging proferssional environment and preparing them for the world of work.

We, Welcome you to Khoj TT College for meaningful Teacher Education for your future.
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B.Ed College
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